Table Knight Games

A game development team based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Table Knight Games is a game development team founded in 2016 by Abdulrahman Abdullah. When asked why he said, 

“I just wanted to make a fan game of that not-so-popular card game with monsters then I got hooked to the world of game development! There is something alluring about having people play something you’ve created, it is hard to describe. You will know when you make your own game!”
Abdulrahman Abdullah

The Team

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"I just want to make games!"




"I am not a Graphic Designer"


Digital Artist

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Ready for some fun?

Try our latest games from single mode to family mode, online and offline games. Enjoy the ride!

Flipper Knight Logo Table Flipping Game

Flipper Knight

Flip, stack and test your reaction speed in this quick to pick game! Four different modes of play to test your skills. Prove you are the best table flipper on the leaderboards and unlock all achievements!

لعبة عوايدك

Awaydak عوايدك​

Awaydak (your habits) is a social voting game where you vote on who matches the shown description with over 250 different habits! Find out what your friends think about you!

-Available in Arabic Only-

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